Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No POPE in Islamic Hierarchy

1. With due respect, to disagree doesn’t mean to reject all.

2. We may articulate that we are right; so do others.

3. Pessimist is to believes the worst is more likely; so do naysayers.

4. When we had once stopped people from spreading the interpretation that contradict to our perspective (in our territory); obedience shall be the right path when we are preaching in their territories

5. Respect the current separation of Islamic management by state; and therefore obey to the local rules.

6. It should be merely easy for a theologies doctorate to approach for necessary permit/license; not to mention an ex-mufti. so, why not?

7. The Muslim unity must precede personal credits.

8. We are at the turning point of the effort towards centralised Islamic management in Malaysia.

9. We've learned about Islam through a centralised syllabus in primary and secondary school, didn't we?

10. But yet there are some loopholes untuk "beramal dgn ilmu" since our smallest state of Perlis continuously choose to differ.

11. Till then, pls OBEY...

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