Thursday, June 10, 2010


Win or Lose?


1. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

2. Israel has continuously being cruel and pitiless to Muslims at the same time when their scholar teaching non-Jews about the good and the bad, about humanities and human rights with all sorts of kindness for being a human.

3. Did the Muslims think that the Israeli leaders do not even know that killing civilian women and children are inhumane? And stopping the welfare aide to help those people in needs are beyond morality?

4. While they are definitely knowing it, yet they did it. Why?

5. The real reason behind the Israelis brutality is because they are empowered with the cutting-edge technologies, unprecedented knowledge and latest information throughout the globe.

6. While on the hand, the Muslims are protesting through pieces of papers, shouting on the streets, burning flags and throwing stones.

7. We definitely believe that Allah s.w.t will be with us at the end; but don’t we think whether those papers, drops of saliva and stones; and the burnt printed fabric in the name of flag are considered as sufficient effort from us to be awarded a victory by Him.

8. The early generation of Muslims has succeed in their effort to acquire most advanced technologies and knowledge during their time and Allah s.w.t granted them glorious achievement. Truly, effort must comes before success.

9. The Muslims approach today are generally in the opposite manner. We are relying on the Jewish technological products in all sorts of human needs without solid intention to acquire our very own technology and knowledge. Yet, there are some of us choose rather an easier path by claiming that all of the knowledge were cheated from the Muslims legacy during the raid of Cordoba. The easy conclusion not necessarily be the right one.

10. Through internet and limited media sovereignty, the Muslims criticise those anti-Islamic individuals and groups who knowingly and purposely blasted the Muslim community through statements and arts; yet the critics were distributed by using a word processing software owned by Jews, which was processed by a Jewish’s Intel processor and uploaded to the internet that has been landscaped by the Jews. Of course those are the only accessible facilities that available today, but would it be the same next year and many years to come?

11. May Allah bless us and all the Muslim families with capable mind to acquire knowledge and invent novel technologies.


12. Anti-Semitic sentiment is a game to gain political popularity among Muslim leaders.
Anwar Ibrahim with his Jewish advisor, Paul Wolfowitz.

13. Anwar Ibrahim, a closed friend to the former US Secretary of Defence and Jewish descent, Paul Wolfowitz, would be a good example on the anti-semitical propagandist.

14. The APCO issue was brought up by Anwar with two bullets; (i) anti-semitic and (ii) the huge sum of money.

15. While it has been an official practice in the US political climate to appoint registered lobbyist in gaining attention at the Senate or White House, the measured sum of RM70mil to APCO by the Malaysian government is understandable to endure sustainable economic growth of the country. Prime Minister Najib and Barisan Nasional is on the winning side as they rule the country and United States of America is the largest investor in Malaysia.

16. On the other hand, the undisclosed sum of money (and pride) has been used by Anwar just to set him free from prison. He is a capable leader who can talk, and the Jewish espionage like Wolfowitz know well about this; and therefore they will definitely send their helping hands. I still remember when Al Gore came down to Kuala Lumpur just to send a message to the world that a “Muslim leader” is under deprivation. Will he drop-by for another few minutes without any reason behind the act?

17. The fact that Anwar has never disclosed his source of income to support PKR and PR, yet the payment he made to lobby the US government to be on his side all this while. If he don’t pay anything, he will be force to pay it later on when he become the Prime Minister (nauzubuillah) and of course with a “small” percentage of interest that he must lease the land of whole country to the US and Israel.

qunang: open your mind and think of solid solution.

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