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Dear Ms Zubaidah Abu Bakar (,

1. I am writing in response to your article in the NST online news portal titled “Shahidan-Isa conflict at an end?” which was published on May 26, 2011. (source:

2. In my opinion, the general outlook of the article does not reflect the actual political scenario in Perlis, as seen from the eyes of the grass-root observers.

Land Issues

3. Claiming that the Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Md Isa Sabu, has successfully resolved the longstanding land issues in this smallest state is clearly naïve and insensitive. 

4. Should a stroke of approval signature been accepted as the greatest success, the previous five Menteri Besar will definitely do it earlier. 

5. Above such act to gain short-term popularity, the foreseeable implication will result the cease of state-own land for future development over time.

6. It is civil responsibility that should become the utmost priority of the state leader and that was what being considered by the previous Menteri Besar.  They have chose to remain silent about the many applications of individual land entitlement; as silent is sometimes the best answer.

7. Moreover, it has become a public knowledge that the award of several land entitlement has involved huge land acquisition by the wife of Menteri Besar in Kampung Paya Kelubi, Padang Besar.

Less Publicity Leader

8. Many people could not agree more that Md Isa portrays a non-confrontational and less publicity approach, but such character is not suitable for Perlis indeed. 

9. So small it is that the leaders in the Northern Lion state need to roar if they want to be heard; or otherwise Perlis will only be referred as a grouping of three Parliamentary seats, instead of a state.

10. The fact is no developing nation needs a silent leader to spark significant progress within the society.

11. Needless to say that Md Isa himself, as a politician, needs as much publicity to remain relevant.  Conversely, positive publicity may not stand behind a failed leader.

12. I have heard directly from a reporter about their difficulties to positively exaggerate him and his works.

13. The recent annual visit by Deputy Prime Minister to Kangar would be the real and good example of the failure; where the stage backdrop was only being stretched some 10 minutes before his arrival with poorly installed extension of poly-pipe at the state and national crest. The invitation of 5000 audiences to Dewan 2020 Kangar had only being filled with less than 200 people whom mostly are government staff.

Annual visit by Deputy Prime Minister.

14. The Annual Meeting of UMNO Kangar last Sunday demonstrates another failure of this failed regime.  The meeting who supposedly being attended by more than 800 representatives from the UMNO branches in Kangar has end-up with empty chairs; whereas the representatives from Bintong, in which Md Isa is the wakil rakyat, turnout to be less than 15 person -- the poorest turnout in UMNO Kangar history.

Persidangan UMNO Bahagian Kangar 2011.

End of Conflict?

15. The article was notably sending mere gestures on the conflict between Shahidan and Md Isa.

16. Nonetheless, the primary concerns brought-up by Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim throughout the 3 years of power toppling, is about the appointment of Radzi Sheikh Ahmad as an Advisor to Menteri Besar of Perlis -- the only Menteri Besar with paid advisor.

17. It is a moral and principle expression to criticise the appointment of someone who has acknowledged his failure by resigning from his UMNO Secretary General position after poor performance of Barisan Nasional in 2008 general election.

18. The article has anonymously quoted a statement from UMNO Youth branch leader from Kangar saying that the occasion in which Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim depicted his sincere relationship with the Menteri Besar as "Never before".

19. I am myself an UMNO Youth branch chief; and I have seen repeatedly such motion in many occasions. 

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